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The safety of our patients is Symphony Plastic Surgery Hospital's priority.

For the safe and beautiful results, our board certified surgeons put on their best effort.


High Quality Medical Service from Symphony Plastic Surgery

Symphony Plastic Surgery delivers safe and high quality results on eyes, anti-aging, facelift and rhytidectomy. The surgeons are board certified plastic surgeons who have more than 20 years of experience.

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Natural yet Dramatic Results

Every patient wants different things. Symphony Plastic Surgeon listen to patients carefully and plan for surgery that is suitable for each every patients. Beauty can be subjective. What a person thinks is beautiful may not be the same for another person. The surgeon and patient will discuss and plan for surgery together at Symphony Plastic Surgery Hospital.

Dedicated Professional Medical Staff for Each Medical Procedures.

Symphony Plastic Surgery delivers the high quality medical results by having different speciliasts for each medical fields. We have surgeons that specilize in eyes, anti-aging, facelift and rhytidectomy.

Kyung-Bae Hyun, MD

Dr. Hyun provides patients with beautiful, natural results, and is known for his kind, caring, manner.

Dong-Il Goe, MD

Dr. Goe is a doctor specializing in dermatology with more than 10 years of experience.

Personalized Care for Every Patient

Symphony Plastic Surgery offers highly-satisfied service by having 1 on 1 personalized care for every single patient. Symphony plastic surgeons provide close consultation, surgery planning, operaiton, aftercare for each patients

Professional 1:1 Anesthesia System

For patients' safety, Symphony Plastic Surgery is equipped with 3D-CT, air sterilizer, self-generated power system, uninterruptible power supply, cardiac defibrillator (Automated External Defibrillator), etc.

Systematic Inter-consultation System

Through systematic examination and consultation before surgery, we offer exclusive 1:1 anesthesia system dedicated to the patient.

Establishment of High-Tech Medical Equipment

We have established high-tech medical equipment to perform a safe surgery procedure and make the correct diagnosis.

Symphony Plastic Surgery

Eye Surgery Center

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Double Eyelid (Non-Incision)

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Double Eyelid (Full Incision)

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Ptosis Correction

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Epi&Lateral canthoplasty

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Revision Eyelid Surgery

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Brow Lift

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Upper Blepharoplasty

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Lower Blepharoplasty

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Subocular Fat Reposition/Removal

Symphony Plastic Surgery

Anti-Aging Center

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Thread Facelift

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Laser Lift

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Forehead Lift

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Neck&hand Lift

Symphony Plastic Surgery

Skin Booster (with Mira-Jet) Center

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Symphony Plastic Surgery

Natural face lifting without surgery Center

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